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About David Hopper

Hello, I’m David Hopper and glad to be backing this “What You Is” concept. Now is the time to promote this research into practice. 

Things you might want to know about me. 

  • Trauma. I was hit by an automobile going 50 while on my bike when I was 8 years old, crunched on a fishing vessel in the 80’s and almost killed in a motorcycle crash. I’ve experienced traumatic stress before it was called PTSD. I was an eight year old that received morphine for the pain.
  • I intend to help the heroin/opium and/or substance addicted individual thru their dilemma that has caused the mismanagement of life. 
  • My Life . I fished as a Kodiak king crabber, halibut fisherman and, when I turned 40, fished the Salmon in Bristol Bay Alaska for a total of 40 years of on and off commercial fishing. In the 70’s, I was a seasoned bartender that worked and served drinks at the Television Emmy Awards and the famous Discotheque of “Second City Review” which became Saturday Night Live in that decade. I know and like the wild and adventurous life. I am a sober alcoholic and tell my past transparently to others.
  • 2018, I graduated from Ashford University in San Diego with a bachelors in behavioral science. In 2013 with the learning cloud and online opportunity to get a degree, my true ongoing aspiration to counsel in the behavioral arts field has gotten stronger. Like John Lennon would say “It’s like starting over” in my case by resuming my education. There’s a lot going on in the health industry and change in lawfully and now more morally accepted prescribed pain killing substance that’s been around as long as man. I plan on becoming continuing value to the recovery and wellness community and I now I can lawfully share my researched and proven theory along with the promises in addiction recovery.
  • I intend to help address the opium crisis. The study I developed is called the “What You Is” program. It gives the active user or addict a choice and step by step process to address this life crisis. Indecently, My son passed away from a heroin/fentanyl overdose while I was developing and introducing this research in Feb. 2018.

It Doesn’t Matter
What You Was.
It’s What You Is.
And What You Is,
Is What You Are.

The “What You Is” experience and program is a step by step method and fellowship of like minded individuals. We achieve abstinence from opiates/heroin and related substances by incorporating the use of cannabinoids. Instead of considering marijuana as a “gateway drug”, we use CBD’s in the marijuana plant as an exit drug. Adding CBDs to the Twelve Step process and to the sponsored attention one can get is a breakthrough.

We all know someone who waits until it’s too late. And dies. So… 

A fantastic picture of a ghoulish demon crawling from the grave.
Our bad mascot “Bone-Head”

“Fate Waits As Calm As A Wishing Well” 

Your fate is up to you.

This is a lyric from “Fate”, a Jules and The Polar Bears song

If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.

Don’t worry, we’ll get it done.

Get in Touch

Come as you are!

P O BOX 1815
Monahans, Texas

Phone 432-631-8225


“Well done is better than well said”

Benjamin Franklin
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