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I am, Aware In Life About How It Was, What Happened 70’s & 80’s And How It Is Now. Happy Holidays and Love to You!!!

Hey folks in humble small words I’ll share the un-regretable thrills of growing up in the John Deloren days of Cocaine being a faculty of ones persona. This lifestyle was perhaps life threatening in a essence of who you were or are to become. My experience in the realm was a mentally fortified by youth and challenge perhaps I was a smaller child than the rest of my peers in size but tried to make up for it in trying to be spectacular at least in my own presumption. I am a Type A personality at heart and trying contently to keep my heart and emotions soft especially during this holiday season I’ll be admirable while mentioning the connections I share personality with. Larry Meikel was the most memorable of all. I met my wife Nora while enjoying his company and I’ll tell the story about me being “Corrected By A Sober Beatle” the night I met my wife as we go. Larry’s connection was George Jung the cat with more money than god Larry would always say. Mr. Larry Meikel would use that set of words often. The other thing Larry wold always comment making the statement “Were Not Running a Museum”, George Jung was played by Johnny Depp in the movie “Blow”. Larry would say that his connection would always say? Were not running a museum if one would complain of too much shake or any common complaint he would hear from a customer. Larry passed away and will remember him for always being very well informed. The good friend of Larry/’s and me being grateful to have known and traveled with to Las Vegas and also was backstage ant the Ringo’s all star band world concert tour in 1993 the night I met my wife and love, The night I was corrected by a sober Beatle, Ringo. The night I met my wife Nora I had flown with Larry and a mutual friend who I have traveled extensively with and still a friend Mark Thorne. This spectacular night Mark, Larry and I attended the 1993 last show of the world tour of the Ringo Starr All-Star band. We took the junket out of Burbank Airport and the show was spectacular and the back stage event was awesome as we we’re partying with the legends. I remember Mark and I talking to Todd Rungren about the Quiche that was being served. He was an incredible cat to meet and was funny too. Nora and I had been talking and I liked her right away. I had gotten all of the bands autographs except for Ringo’s and I remember Nora tapping me and saying Ringo is leaving, ya better catch him type gesture, as I rand out the door as he was walking down this 100 foot long yellow carpet leading back to the crap tables , slots and rooms. He was 1/2 half down the hallway he and Barbara Bach were walking as I trotted behind him and the feeling eventually caught me that I was chasing a Beatle and John had just been shot and killed a few years prior slowed down and Ringo I think it crossed his mind as he looked at my rather avant-garde chase approach getting was whimsical as I came to a halt. He smiled and very soberly and says ? No worries were in Ceasar’s as he was gracefully matching wits with us four as Nora was steps behind and equally amused. My story to Ringo was me saying I love his work and that I saw him in and his All-Star Band at the Hollywood Palladium 2 years ago I said to him. It was just then he look up from the program that he signed in length about the kind of cool incident at the time ie chasing him and mentioning the wrong year I had seen him. Ringo ask me in his beautiful English accent What’s your name? I said David… Then rattling off about me seeing him 2 years ago, Ringo’s amusingly sober reply was , David? That was last year. I have always thoughts wonderfully that night I was corrected by a sober Beatle. I always what if I had found sobriety then as Ringo. I have to realize I would have never been on the midnight Junket and met my wife in Vegas and I contently let it be part of the peace and gladness I have for life today. Robyn Hitchcock and the “Venus 3″Scott Mcaughey, Peter Buck & the late Bill Reiflin. This band has given me grace to use “What You Is” as a domain for this practice as I’ll paste this song I feel in alter-ego they wrote about me . I know Robyn and Scott who I met and visited with numerous times in North Carolina at the “Cats Cradle”and saw Robyn at the “Pour House” in Raligh a couple of times once he after the show was w/guitat moon walking backwards playing the 70’s disco hit Take me in your arms and rock me baby a very special moment. I wished Emma Swift his now stage companion will read this. I only wish. The song I post while closing and thanking you for the read. This intense song verse and story strategy/allegory Sincerely I remain Arthur Caine relates to my respect to the past and Catholic Church ie my story. The song is one of my favorite in Robyn’s and the “Venus 3” catalog that inspires me. Perhaps they know there in my prayer fuselage & Emma Swift too. Robyn and his catalog and museum. I hear him now singing and practicing sober living and I love him to his death and I got it from him. Sincerely I remain Arthur Caine, listen and love. Sincerely I remain David Arthur Hopper by name. Happy Holidays !!!

The Song is called The Holy Soul – NY Doll

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