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When Sobriety Hit So Did My Cortical Canopy, Being TBI Case And Have Hit My Head/Scull 3 Life Threatening Times. The Interest To Reclaim By Using Exercise And Watching My Neuroplasticity Come Back. Brain Cells Are Like A Heavy Thick School Of Fish. Synaptic Clef’s Understood And Firing Increase Motor Neuron ‘s To Per- Form. Being In Academia And Education Are A Great Stronghold on Faith & Hope.

Here’s a couple that look at the music taste of David Hopper and being a fan and friend of the “Venus 3” a band with Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Buck, Scott Mcaughey and the late Bill Reiflin . This was the greatest rock and roll experience for me as I met Scott out in the parking lot by accident. Scott had on a gas station shirt with his name on it. I told him I had seen the “Meat Puppets” one time in the 80’s and David Roth was there just like I met ya in the parking lot just like you right now. David got in the limo and There were 4 of us snorting a few lines Then a mutual friend of all of us walks up and puts his head in the limo window. Mr. Karus Mont-Du’se who is my most valued opinion on music since the 60’s makes a cool left hand Van Halen comment of something regarding the band. Right then, David in defense and the entertaining Diamond David Lee Roth said in defense of the big hair Band” comment. Your nose is big enough so I get to cut it too but with his electric window as he rolled up the limousine window with a David Lee squeal.

I had just published this and was telling a friend named Russell that had been on Willie’s bus. I do the song as if I had been on Willie’s bus. Thanks Russell. Click Below

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