Flex 4, On The Floor

While doing this conscience mindful stretch you can yell Glutinous…… Minimus, Maximus, Medius, then replying Gastrocnemius , Soleus in care of Tibia, Fibula, Yeahmusle increase, Yeah, Yeah…… As you consciously squeeze, constrict and self afflict you can have elasticity and range of motion increase.

You have just accessed your “Lower Two Hearts” in this theory

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2 thoughts on “Flex 4, On The Floor

  1. I like this one Dave. Original
    And a great help for me personally. I can do this!
    Thank you David. I am very grateful to you for really spearheading this type of excersise. I love it!


    1. miss ya terribley …. did ya read my story blog.. Let’s write Love Ya.. DAH


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