Re-evaluating and keeping commitment to brain,body,emotions

 Real Deal

   The challenges that we face in health care I am aware. The ads on prescription drugs advertised on media create the  “Psychic Numbness” it’s supposed to. I will endearingly  list a few simple measures that I identify with. These are something to keep in balance and perspective about what’s going on with us and our cultural change of 2020.

  “Engagement and Purpose” –  is an essential element as it keeps people meaningfully engaged. This is a critical element of aging. The big picture is that a community does spawn from this social element and its important to participate in events in the community that you live.


 “Brain Health” –  Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the US, I personally was fascinated that only 33% among people over 85 years old were affected. This arena of seniors is the fastest growing segment of our population. Were not here for a good but perhaps a long time I say to myself? I use megadoses of B-12 and Ginkgo as well as COQ-10 as a permeant regimen with other vitamins I incorporate. Daily I do 300 push-ups  off chairfront and 300 squats then stretch. The art of logging and staying accountable for what you do and don’t is a humbling asset as well. “Daily Living and Lifestyle” – The older adults state a preference to “age in place” in a residence for as long as they live. I believe that we age in place faster when living under one dwelling and not taking the opportunity to be the migrating hunter and gather that mankind taught us to be ? Movement in residence is something satisfying and something I did just before this masquerade started. I bought an R/V that feels more like home than ever so to speak. I am now looking back as I was a hunter-gatherer no doubt. I fished on the King Crabbers that are no longer afloat and saw the tragedy’s of the North West to the 10th power.

    “Mobility and Movement” –   Everyday living does not require a lot of mobility and movement for most. This point makes it important for you to know that an extracurricular activity that has a demanding perhaps sporting effect on you is a magic. This affects your  soul while making your body in better shape.I run 5 to 7 miles a week and days I don’t feel like running are the best it seems because it renders even better results.

    “Financial Wellness” –  We are living longer and the traditional models of work and retirement have not kept pace. Financial longevity will require new models to be tried and new tools to promote new norms. The look at other countries and how they’re aging in elder years Is something we do subconsciously in our cultural setting here in the U.S……. I’ll stand on the premise that I’m not your ordinarily millionaire.? I don’t mean in money as I don’t believe money is real wealth in its entirety in the wellness arena. The story of one’s life is a grand pursuit of past and future wellness. 

    “Create a Cultural Setting”-  that you work out in physically and stay aerobically fit which helps brain cells reproduce. Running and resistance training are an asset to well-being! The importance of knowing your chakras and being opened to what I believe Jesus was getting around to before his death. I have been doing chakra meditation and conscientiousness state of being now for a short time “2020” and am loving the discipline it contains. 

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