Your not 3rd Eye Hard of Seeing ?

 we ask God for inspiration, an intuitive thought or a decision. We relax and take it easy. We don’t struggle.— ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 86I invest my time in what I truly love. Step Eleven is a discipline that allows me and my Higher Power to be together, reminding me that, with God’s help, intuition and inspiration are possible. Practice of the Step brings on selflove. In a consistent attempt to improve my conscious contact with a Higher Power, I am subtly reminded of my unhealthy past, with its patterns of grandiose thinking and false feelings of omnipotence. When I ask for the power to carry out God’s will for me, I am made aware of my powerlessness. Humility and a healthy selflove are compatible, a direct result of working Step Eleven.

Prayer and Meditation will add days on your life as diligence with this practice makes a person pleased with the results. More happiness, joy and serene living takes place I know this from my current and five plus years of its rewarding diligence. This gives the results of what becomes you, yourself.

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